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Whether you want to become a professional photographer or simply enhance your basic skills, Dano opens the world of Photography, like never before. Join Today

“I found the lessons very beneficial I now have a better understanding of camera functions” Kate Sisswan

Instruction by respected real-life photographer combined with our actual life situation and featured tips provide an unparalleled level of support to guide you through the amazing landscape of digital photography. You can enroll now.

“Clear excellent presentations and explanations. Good answers to questions” Gail Paul

“The class did not have too many students. Dano is patient.” Minal Paltui:

This collection of Photography Classes is designed to help you learn more about the art and business of photography. From photo tips on holidays and sports to people, pets, place, spaces.

“The classes had fantastic explanations with stories and practical examples” Bini Shah:

Not forgetting brand new world of Digital Post-Production in photography, these classes offer photo tips in a variety of categories and fields. Mostly written and fully prepared by Dano, there is no question that will go unanswered; these photography classes are packed with valuable information. Register Now

“I enjoyed the lessons and felt that I learnt something each time.” Kate Burgess

Is this Photography Course for Me

“I will recommend this course to anyone interested in taking up photography.” Joseph Mathai

Photography is almost like gardening but with immediate result it can be done by anybody from any walks of life. You want to learn to become a better photographer? Then this is for you, Dano will teach you with only five master classes and you are good to go.

“Explanations of the basic principles of photography were in lay terms.” Sjoerd H Visser

Novice: You can join, If you've just purchased your first digital SLR or are making the switch from film to digital, we will show you how to take great photos. Walk you through the technical mine field. The classes are designed to cover digital SLR for beginner to advance, the course will cover the basics of operating your camera, digital photography, situation settings and the fundamentals of Photography as a whole

“I was relatively a beginner and any information that I got was so important to me. I was not just learning from someone who is a teacher but one has a passion for photography.” Haig Mumia

Advanced Photography: You can sign up, if you have been taking pictures for some time now or years but feel its time to move to the next phase. Improve your style, get better shots or even get answers to those bugging questions then this course is for you. Let Dano do the explaining for you.

“I gained a deeper understanding of basic photography techniques and terms. The classes were fun and very practical.” Anjili Shah

Professional: Doesn’t mean you cannot join Pro photographer or a serous hobbyist, you know what you are doing. But the is no end to learning and want to push your photography a notch higher, move to the next plain of Pro looking photographs. The training can be customized to deal with your weak points or improve on your good one on both digital and Post-processing.

“It opened the possibility of changing settings and the use of creative controls instead of autofocus whenever I want to take photos.” Gisela Glietenberg

Dano will give you real life-situation of challenging angles and overcoming limitations of your equipment. You'll learn about lighting using natural light (sun or Moon) to artificial light flash and studio lights.

“Dano was very clear in illustrating and explaining points also answered every question until I understood it properly, a very enthusiastic and motivational teacher.” Mina Kaufermann

Along the way he will be sharing secret techniques the pro's use. If you truly love photography, want to learn all about it and move to the next level, then this is the course is for you.

“It was easy enough for me to understand and taught me how to use things on my camera that I had never looked at. I also enjoyed the little trips.” Adam Burgess

Digital Dark-Room: Adobe® Photoshop® for Photographers A complete course in digital photography will teach you everything there is to know about Photography. But then now with the pictures bagged you need to process them. Why Lie Adobe Photoshop is the 500 pounds Gorilla in the room.
When it comes to digital editing and post-production Adobe Photoshop is a must-know category.

“First time anyone has explained in understandable form the working of a camera and photo composition.” Jackie Collins

Dano Makes this program seem like a walk in the park. You'll learn how to retouch photos, post pictures on the web and how to make better digital photographs after the fact.

“I liked the way Dano explained things until you understood them.” Joana Socias

No matter which photography course you take, you'll enjoy the flexibility of evening, Week days and weekend learning and the advantage of expert instruction from professional photographer.

“Dano was very clear in illustrating and explaining points also answered every question until I understood it properly, a very enthusiastic and motivational teacher.” Mina Kaufermann

Class Plan and Organization

We organize the photography courses for the photographer in you as follows. Course is 5 lessons each of 2 hours per session.

A: Topics we cover

  • Fundamental principles behind photography
  • Rule and Procedures of image creations
  • Movement, angles and results
  • Experimenting, handling and use of equipment
  • Focussing, Point of interest and photographer’s eye.

B: Basic camera operations:

  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Bracketing
  • White balance
  • Shutter speed
  • Exposure composition.


Format and costs

The whole course is Ksh.15,000/=(5 classes) which brings each class at Ksh. 3,000 per session. You can also attend as a group (minimum 2 and maximum 7 people) organized by you, your company or organization. Or you can choose to form a group of friends, colleagues, co-workers or relatives. The Advantage is that you are more flexible; you can decide which days and time suits you all the best. The best part is the costs for a group lesson are has a discount.


In the beautiful surroundings of Valley Arcade: off Othaya Road, opposite Kensington Kindergarten. “Can’t wait for the next course thank you.” Susan Javocani After the beginners course you can decide to do the advanced course also 5 lessons

Topics for the Advanced Class


Elements of design

  • Lines Shapes
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Form
  • Value
  • Space


  • Natural light - indoors and outdoors
  • Artificially- light indoors and outdoors
  • Mood to moody
  • Low key and high key

Data management:

  • Loading
  • Naming (keying)
  • Archiving

Digital Darkroom (Photoshop):

  • Colour correction
  • Retouching
  • Creative creations
  • Photo interpretation


  • Printing
  • Web publishing
  • Email sharing
  • Arty presentation
  • Framing

Format, costs and location for the advanced class are the same as for the beginner’s course

Field-trips: Out is Out there...

Dano Photoz also organizes fieldtrip to bring in practise what you have learned. The fieldtrips are held but not limited to Kitengela glass factory, Nairobi National Park, Farms around Nairobi area, Lake Naivaisha. Due to the irregularity of this trips depending on the moon, Dano’s Mood and you. So Please do call for further information.

Field Trip Photo 

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